Jones (CRU) Air Temperature Anomalies Version 4: CRUTEM4

Detailed Description:\nSee the Hadley Centre for more details. This version is 4.1.1. The air temperature page is from monthly station temperature time series. A version that is variance corrected (CRUTEM4V) is available. The technique for the variance adjusted dataset can be found at Jones et. al (2001).\nNote the companion dataset HADCRUT4 Combined Air Temperature/SST Anomalies. Also note that if you would like a climatology, there is a 1961-1990 LTM file based on the HADCRUT2V data.\nRelated Datasets\n\nTemporal Coverage:\nMonthly anomalies and statistics from 1850/01 to near present.\nSpatial Coverage:\n5.0 degree latitude x 5.0 degree longitude global grid (72x36).\n87.5S - 87.5N, 177.5W - 177.5E.\n\nLevels:\nSurface\nUpdate Schedule:\nMonthly\n\n2017-05-19 12:57 @maglau*/

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